CAIRS Solutions

CAIRS Solutions, LLC is a web based technology company that changes the way private adoption agencies and foster care organizations manage relationships, which makes them healthier and more profitable.

More than a software company, CAIRS understands adoption and foster care from end to end.  The result is a marketing solution that dramatically impacts the way agencies present and market themselves and their waiting parents. Many clients report an increase in birth mother contacts by over 200%.  Your agency may not be a national organization with a six figure marketing budget and a giant staff.  That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your visibility or use lesser tools.  It’s CAIRS’ business to make your business stronger and more profitable.

CAIRS client management software is the most advanced system on the market today.

Boasting the largest install base of any software available, MAP’s 24 modules offer superior functionality supporting Caseworker, Social Worker, and Client management.

CAIRS adoption profile creation and marketing system, is the only profile creation system in the adoption environment proven to reduce wait times for Hopeful Adoptive Parents.

CAIRS post adoption update solution, independent studies show it dramatically improves post adoption relationships.

Marketing strategies proven to increase Expectant Birth Mother contacts by over 200%