What are the benefits with working with a Florida Adoption Council Member?  A member of the FAC is an individual or agency that has respect for the law and legislative issues in the state of Florida.  These members hold this title in high regard and are committed to providing excellent quality and service to all members of the public.

The Florida Adoption Council is a not for profit state wide association of adoption professionals, including attorneys, agencies and social workers, dedicated to the furtherance and improvement of the adoption process within the state of Florida.

By working as a team, these professionals strive to provide information on a wide variety of interests ranging from interstate adoption and surrogacy to step-parent and relative placements.  Members of the Florida Adoption Council are heavily involved in Florida’s adoption legislation and lobbying issues. These efforts have led to many improvements in the adoption process, and increased  standards of professionalism, competence and ethics.

Additionally, we strive to provide adoption information to the general public pertinent to adoption within the State, and disseminating information on ethical adoption practices.

Members of The Florida Adoption Council are afforded a wealth of industry information including late-breaking legislation issues, professional forums, seminar news, and contact lists for professionals dealing with a wide range of adoption related issues. We hold an annual conference for members and other interested parties